Smart Buildings

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LIG System builds a smart building system that maximize productivity for business

By applying various systems to buildings according to their sizes, purposes, and functions, LIG System enables buildings to offer a pleasant environment and create a cultural space. LIG System’s smart building systems offer safe and quick information services by utilizing the expandability of the systems and enabling economical management of buildings by taking energy efficiency into account.

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LIG System offers consultation services on intellectual video analysis for a safer society

As the CCTV industry continually grows, technology that only saves videos cannot take full advantage of the range of data of provided in them. In order to prevent the rising tide of intellectual crimes, LIG System offers consulting services related to real-time analysis of video data and video analysis technology related to disaster prevention.

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Architecting and building intellectual video analysis systems

Anti-crime and disaster prevention services for children’s safety zones, local governments, emergency management and disaster prevention services, railway safety services, airport security services, disaster prevention services for port facilities, security-enhanced services for security facilities, and fire detection services

Service Offered

  • Consulting and installing automatic control systems for buildings (automated control of facilities, power, and lighting), information communication facilities, access control systems, CCTV, parking control systems, audio broadcast systems, AV facilities, building information systems, private non-branch exchange equipment, LAN facilities, and integrated extension facilities
  • Consulting and installing integrated management services, facilities management services (FMS), floor plan management, video control services
  • Designing and architecting home network systems