Big Data

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Big data: technology that revolutionizes everything from politics and society to economics and culture

It has become possible to discover unexpected insights using the data once considered as unnecessary or too big to handle. Big data has enabled the offering of customized services to each individual and managing risk systemically. On top of that, all the costs associated with such services have been dramatically reduced. Big data technology will play a key role in securing predominance in competition that is becoming fiercer.

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LIG System leads utilization of big data technology

LIG offers Splunk, a solution specialized in collection and analysis of all machine data generated within companies and Attivio, a solution that collects and analyzes all types of information including internal and external information of companies as well as typical and atypical data. Based on these solutions, LIG System helps companies to immediately respond to their clients by processing and analyzing massive data to grasps the needs of the clients.


LIG System prepares for the future of big data

LIG System has taken a step further from the current data mining technology; it has endeavored to train data scientists who have business knowledge, which will become more important as the big data market matures. LIG System also proposes strategies to discover new markets and offers curation services for big data, consulting on a series of processes that include architecting, analyzing, and reporting of big data systems.

Services Offered

  • Web log analysis,  social media analysis for marketing solutions
  • Demographic analysis of data