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LIG System understands the defense manufacturing industry better than any other company

LIG System has provided outsourcing ICT services to all the fields in the defense manufacturing industry. By providing ERP, PLM, and MES services to global defense manufacturing companies and linking them with government agencies, LIG System maximizes overall profitability of client and enhances their competitiveness.

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LIG System contributes to reinforcement of the nation’s military strength throughout the overall defense industry

LIG System offers various services to all fields of defense and national security such as; the field of battlefield management including command and control, intelligence, and firepower; the field of resource management that includes munitions, personnel, and mobilization; the field of modeling & simulation (M&S) including combat training, war games, and weapon systems; the field of defense that includes guided weapons and 120mm mortars, and 000 armored vehicles. By offering such services, it has contributed to the reinforcement of the nation’s military strength.

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LIG System’s experience and technology contribute to national security

The accumulated technologies, experiences, and know-how of LIG System lead innovation and productivity improvement of the defense industry that has been evolving globally; LIG System has contributed to building a strong national security system.

Service Offered

  • Services on informatization of national defense, including consultations in the fields of battlefield management, resource management, M&S, and weapon systems, system development and integration, building and maintenance of IT centers
  • ERP, PLM, MES, and management information systems for manufacturing enterprises and maintenance of manufacturing information system (MIS)