LIG System provides integrated IT services for the finance sector

LIG System’s IT experts with expertise in the financial industry and the public finance sector offer integrated IT services, ranging from architecting and operating systems to providing solutions for various financial fields, such as loans, securities, insurance, guarantee, risk, and credit review. With top level technical skills, LIG System provides clients with sophisticated consultancy and IT services.


LIG has the finest experts specializing in various fields

Starting with LIG Insurance, LIG System has been offering financial consultancy services to various financial institutes; built next generation information systems, data warehouses, and IFRS for major banks, and developed systems such as credit scoring, risk management, and securities systems. On top of its accumulated experiences in such fields, LIG System has groups of optimized experts that help clients to improve their business processes.


LIG System helps clients grow – now, and in the future 

LIG System guarantees IT services of high standard through its IT experts who understand clients’ businesses better than anyone else. The company has contributed to improving clients’ competitiveness and establishing a base for future growth.

Service Offered

  • Building next generation information systems (account system/data system): based on EAI/EIP/ bank Services, work processing, client services, portal, core-banking (loan/deposit, trust, FX, etc.)
  • Building e-Banking systems: building electronic financial systems including internet, mobile, and firm banking, and B2B
  • Building EDW and Customer Relationship Management(CRM) systems
  • IFRS based on Capita Market Act
  • Financial IT outsourcing services
  • Other operational systems: Accounting/Management Information System(MIS), etc.
  • Building cyber trading systems (new HTS): including security/authentication, futures/options systems