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The value of clients: LIG System’s first priority

Many companies have adopted various IT systems to continuously maintain their competitiveness. With ample experience in architecting systems, systemized methodologies, and top-notch employees, LIG System develops applications and offers integrated architectural services for IT resources that fit the business environment of each client.

LIG System enables cost reduction and strategic decision making by efficiently allocating resources

LIG System especially guarantees stable production and product quality for the manufacturing industry. We support clients for the integration of their overall work processes, including purchasing, production, sales, R&D, human resources, accounting, and improve the way they handle their business.

Service Offered

Various services to manufacturing, service and security related fields such as IT consultations on manufacturing and service companies, ERP, MES, PDM(Product Data Management), POP(Point of Production), BI(Business Intelligence), CRM, WMS(Warehouse Management System), SCM/SRM(Supplier Relationship Management), and integrated construction of systems.