LIG System Value


01. Creativity

Creative Thinkers

This person provides clients with new values and experiences through creative ideas and a strong commitment for taking action by thinking outside the box. The company creates an atmosphere and offers systems where he or she can freely express their creative ideas and put the ideas into action. Not only are their failures accepted but also they are encouraged to retry.


02. Passion

Passionate Experts

Through immersion in work and strong will to take action, this person continually strives to create positive outcomes. He or she brims over with enthusiasm for everything and spreads their positive energy to those around them. This person contributes to create an exciting atmosphere.


03. Cooperation

Team Players

With a communal spirit that unites everybody, this person respects others and other communities. By cooperating with colleagues, he or she creates synergy that moves the company forward.

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04. Professionalism

Motivated Professionals

This person continually strives to become the best in his or her field. Based on his or her accumulated expertise and experience, he or she eventually possesses world-class expertise in the field and creates his or her personal brand.

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05. Openness

Open minded

With an open mind, this person communicates well vertically and horizontally. He or she tries to form an atmosphere and systems where every member of the company can freely express their opinions and exchange ideas and information.