Public Sector


LIG System offers integrated IT services in the areas of public and convergence business through experts specialized in each government’s ministry

Using their expertise in deploying e-governments for such areas as jurisdiction, administration, welfare, judicial affairs, and education, LIG System has realized efficient systems that intellectually support work processes of the government and public institutions.


LIG System builds IT infrastructures that helps the Korean government manage its work faster and more conveniently

LIG system builds infrastructure that enables the government to handle administrative work anywhere at any time such as Minwon 24 of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration, and the Road Name Address System. LIG System also builds cutting-edge IT infrastructure for the government’s ministries to communicate with each other efficiently; it advances and upgrades national information infrastructure that enhances national competitiveness.


LIG System contributes to the stable operation of nationwide services such as execution of welfare policies, contributing to the well-being of citizens

LIG System offers the government sector stable IT services so that public servants can efficiently executes various policies. Such IT services have been provided to welfare services including nursery vouchers, transportation cards that facilitate citizens’ lives, and national taxation services that enable convenient year-end tax adjustment. LIG System will fully exert itself to become a staunch partner with nationwide services that create value for the citizens. 

Service Offered

  • Building e-government systems, other systems for government ministries’ administrative work and nationwide services
  • Operating systems for the government’s IT infrastructure
  • Consulting services and policy research services for each government ministry to maintain efficient IT services