Smart Touch


Smart touch: the key to a smart future

Using near field communication (NFC), mobile technologyof the next generation, smart touch allows users to approve documents, purchase tickets, control access, run loyalty programs, and execute advertisements with a simple fingertip touch on smartphones.

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LIG System proposes a future smart life based on smart touch platforms

Based on smart touch platforms, LIG System offers services such as smart expositions, smart shopping, and smart building systems. This will build an NFC ecosystem and guide people to diverse and future-oriented lives.

Services Offered

  • Smart touch platforms: mobile/server platforms which offer services for near field communication (NFC), payment, map, and other informative content.
  • Smart expositions: the overall process systems related to expositions such as NFC e-ticketing, brochure, and path-finding
  • Smart shopping: a system that supports store promotion with such functions as shop/product information services, automatic connection to Wi-Fi, and call manager function using NFC tagging